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Gaetz asks Navy to provide documents in lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over terror attack

From WEAR - May 12, 2022

Rep. Matt Gaetz says the Chief of Naval Operations "offered his full cooperation" to provide critical documents related to a lawsuit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the NAS Pensacola terror attack.

The Northwest Florida congressman on Wednesday questioned Admiral Michael Gilday "in an effort to get answers for local Northwest Florida heroes regarding the 2019 terrorist attack" on NAS Pensacola.

Authorities determined the attack was perpetrated by a Saudi military exchange student.

"A group of survivors and family members seeking justice filed suit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," Gaetz's office says in a press release. "However, the Saudi government filed a motion to dismiss the case, denying any responsibility for the attack."

Gaetz says the U.S. Navy is in possession of "critical documents that will aid the survivors and family members find the justice they seek."

Gaetz says Admiral Gilday offered his full cooperation to provide those documents.

Gaetz and Rep. Neal Dunn also sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting him to order the lowering of the flag to half-staff nationwide on December 6, 2022, "as a National Day of Remembrance to honor the victims, survivors, and surviving family members of the terrorist attack on NAS Pensacola."

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